Apron, Curbs, and Drains

Apron, curbs, and drains Minneapolis-St. Paul services we offered at Asphalt Paving Company are essential for your driveway, sidewalk, and streets.

Apron, Curbs, and Drains Minneapolis St. Paul

Our Minneapolis-St. Paul specialists offer apron, curbs, and drain repair services to St. Paul and the surrounding areas. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we guarantee all our work. We also provide free estimates and on-time service.

An apron is a piece of material that goes around your driveway. A curb is a part where your plumbing meets plumbing from other houses. Drains are installed in areas where water flows across to another area or onto the pavement where the ground can absorb it. Curbs and aprons were developed to prevent flooding, sewer backups, and erosion–a very modern idea adapted from ancient civilizations who faced similar problems with floods.

An apron is also designed for aesthetic purposes because it creates a smooth transition from the garage to the yard while adding value to your home’s exterior. Curbs add a finished look to the streets without obstructing pedestrians. The drains, meanwhile, also serve aesthetic purposes because they prevent dirt from going onto the roads and clogging them when it rains.


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Get a beautiful new driveway with decorative aprons, curbs, and drains

Decorative aprons are also crucial for aesthetics to make your driveway look beautiful. Aprons not only cover the area between the pavement and garage or sidewalk but can be customized with different materials like brick, colored concrete, or gravel that will provide a more polished look to your home’s exterior. Curbs do not only protect the plumbing, but they also serve as protection for pedestrians from falling onto the street below because of curbs’ height difference compared to roads’ sidewalks. Finally, drains keep dirt off the streets by guiding water to underground pipes where it travels into sewers or septic tanks where it is treated before being released back into natural waterways.

By choosing decorative aprons, curbs, and drains for your home, you can not only improve the safety and look of your property but also save water and reduce erosion in any storms by improving drainage systems. You also save yourself from costly repairs caused by improperly installed aprons, curbs, and drains that result in water damage to your home’s foundation or other structural components.

For those who want to make their properties more attractive for buyers or renters as well as those looking to spruce up the exterior of their homes, installing aprons, curbs, and drain services is a great way to go.

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The commercial paving experts at Asphalt Paving Company in St. Paul, MN can turn any surface into a smooth and durable commercial pavement that maximizes the use of space and safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

With commercial paving, you can protect your commercial property with a surface that is more dependable and enduring. Asphalt paving in commercial applications has seen dramatic growth over the years simply because it’s affordable, durable, easy to maintain, and versatile enough for any commercial application.

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